• Water, fire, smoke and mold

    For over 20 years we at Kwik dry has specialized in God forbid you have a water problem or fire & smoke problems and even mold problems. We can restore your damaged property and bring it back to it’s original state, even better because it’s brand new. At Kwik Dry we are experts in dealing with your insurance company and our philosophy is to help you receive your full potential with your insurance company. You will have no out of pocket expense except your deductible.

    • Flooring

    Because, we at Kwik Dry have removed and replaced so much flooring due to water problems we are a flooring distributor and also flooring installers. We have many wonderful flooring products to choose from. We specialize in LVP, Luxury vinyl planks. We sell and install flooring.

    • Crawl Space

    Because, we at Kwik Dry have worked with so many Realtors in the last 20 years we have become experts in crawl spaces. We install moisture barriers and dry your crawl space and treat fungal growth.

    • Demolition

    Because, we at Kwik Dry have had to remove so many building materials because of damage, we are experts in demolition. We work well with flooring companies and remodeling contractors by helping them remove and haul away damaged materials.

    • Duct Cleaning

    Because, we at Kwik Dry, have restored so many homes we have invested in state of the art equipment. After a water, fire and mold problems a building needs it’s Hvac ducts cleaned. your home or office needs their ducts cleaned as well. We get rid of dust, dust mites, allergens, mold spores etc…

    • Carpet cleaning

    Because, we at Kwik Dry actually started out as a carpet cleaning company. Our system dries in less than an hour. There are three benefits to our Kwik Dry systems carpet cleaning.
    First we get your carpet cleaner than the so called steam cleaning. Instead of using a lot of soap and water we extract all the soils from your carpet while it’s dry. Then we spray an all-natural citric product and scrub your carpet.
    Second, not only do we get your carpet cleaner, it also stays cleaner longer, because we are not using all that soap and water. Soap and water attract new soils, so we get your carpet cleaner and it stays cleaner longer.
    And thirdly, because we don’t use all that water and soap your carper dries a lot Kwiker!

    Why we are in the restoration business Restoration. Bring back to original state

    1. We desire to help people reach their true potential.
    2. We desire to bring property that was damaged from fire, smoke, water or mold back to its original state even better because it’s brand new.
    3. We know that when disaster strikes, time maters.
    4. We desire that our customers get back to normal as kwik as possible.
    5. We desire that our customers actually enjoy their experience with us as we restore their property.