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After experiencing one of the most traumatic events a family can go through having their home catch fire, its hard to even think about searching for fire damage restoration companies.  In order to mitigate further smoke damage to your home it is essential to find  a certified, honest, fire water damage restoration company.  We recommend reading google reviews on multiple companies, checking the IICRC website for a certified company, and talking with multiple companies before making such a major decision.  Many times homeowners just call their insurance company and their insurance company will refer their preferred vendor to come manage the cleaning after fire damage.  Before going that route, read this article about the third party administrators insurance companies use to find their preferred vendors and the stipulations the company they refer have to abide by: 
Third Party Administrators and Preferred Vendors

After the initial fire damage typically the fire department arrives and puts the fire.  Now not only are you dealing with fire damage but also water damage.  So finding a company that is qualified in water and fire damage cleanup is your next step.  So whats the next step?


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    Watere Damage Assessment </strong>'?</td> Kwik Dry certified technicians will visit the home to assess the damage done by the fire.  Decide which building materials are able to be        salvaged by just cleaning after fire damage.   <strong>Removal of non salvageable fire damaged or smoke damaged materials</strong>.  This includes framing that has been charred beyond repair, walls with smoke trapped within, particle board cabinets that have absorbed smoke, certain furniture that has been damaged by fire or smoke damage.  carpet, carpet pad, certain floorings.  Many of these things depend on the severity of the fire and smoke damage the home had encountered.   <strong>Cleaning salvageable building materials</strong>:  processes include:  Fire soot removal, smoke sealing after a fire using a killz product, sand blasting, soda blasting, sanding, cleaning fire damaged walls, washing walls with soot sponges, corrosions mitigation, cleaning of ductwork / furnace (if salvageable) then sealing, and many other procedures such as odor removal.  Odor removal processes will be performed at the end of the job. <strong>Furniture and content odor remova</strong>l.  The items that can be salvaged after a fire that may have been exposed to smoke damage can be removed from the home, moved to an offsite location, and properly cleaned, ozone, and treated with other fire remediation techniques. <strong>Odor removal</strong>.  Once all non salvageable fire and smoke damaged building components have been removed, and all salvageable materials have been cleaned, we can then begin the odor removal process.  There's many ways to accomplish this.  The most important is source removal, then we can remove odors with machines like ozone machines, hydroxyl generators,  air scrubbers, then recreating the fire / smoke damage.  Using a thermal fogger is a great way to recreate the experience of the smoke damage. <strong>Fire Damage Repairs</strong>.  Once all the items are either removed or cleaned and the odor has been eliminated it's time to build back your home to pre-loss conditions, but even better because now its brand new.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </li> </ol> <p class=" />Why we are in the restoration business. Bring back to the original state  


    • We Desire To Help People Reach Their True Potential.
    • We Desire To Bring Property That Was Damaged From Fire, Smoke, Water Or Mold Back To Its Original State Even Better Because It’s Brand New.
    • We Know That When Disaster Strikes, Time Matters.
    • We Desire That Our Customers Get Back To Normal As Kwik As Possible.
    • We Desire That Our Customers Actually Enjoy Their Experience With Us As We Restore Their Property.

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