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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaing seems like an easy task anyone can do.  However, once trained you learn theres alot more to it.  Types of fabrics, is is Nylon? Nylong Gen 1 - Gen 7, is it wool? Is it polysester, etc... All which entitle a difference approach to cleaning and removing stains from carpets.

  1. Vacuum - 79% of all soil is removed during the dry vacuuming stage.

  2. Pre-Spray - Then a pre-spray is applied.  We offer different pre-sprays depending on the condition / spots on the carpet:  traffic lane pre-spray, pet urine pre spray.

  3. Agitate - We then agitate the pre-spray into the carpet to help begin breaking down any spots or soils.

  4. Time -  We then let the pre-spray dwell for 15-20 minutes to allow it to be most effective.

  5. Rotary Scrub / Hot Water Extraction - We use a hot water extractor (steam cleaner) that hooks up to a rotary buffer.  This allows us to steam clean the carpet while scrubbing it and extracting the water all at the same time. 

  6. Spot Treating - After the carpet is cleaned, we then treat any stains that weren't removed during the cleaning. This usually consists of stains such as - yellowing from water damage or pet urine, coffee stains, nail polish, red dye, oil spots, etc.

  7. Grooming - We then groom your carpet and place any air movers *if needed* to insure fast drying times.

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